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Don't drown in CVs

Single 'dashboard' view of all candidates complete with their skills and attributes

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Work smarter with a multi agency approach without increasing your workload

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Take Control

Manage your preferred agencies, applicants and shortlist in one place

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No more sifting through piles of CVs

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View all Applicants

Tired of sifting through piles of CVs? View candidates from every source, in one place.

Simplify your processes

Manage the communication with your suppliers and advertising campaigns with a single click.

Manage your PSL

Work with the best possible agencies on each project whilst ensuring transparency and improving the accuracy of candidate matches.

Features to make your recruitment
process easier

A central hub with time-saving tools to manage your recruitment advertising, preferred suppliers lists, candidate review and recruitment processes.

Candidate Rating

Compare each and every candidate and validate agency ratings for accuracy.

Agency Rating

Provide real-time feedback to agencies to help them identify and refine the right talent search.

Aggregate Adverts

Post adverts to multiple job boards free of charge, or upgrade to premium job boards.

One-click Posting

Send each role directly to job boards, or to multiple agencies on your Preferred Suppliers List.

Clear Person Specification

Help agencies indentify the best talent by creating clear candidate requirements.

In-depth Candidate Profiles

Have a better picture of each candidate with agency reviews as well as in-depth characteristic profiling.

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inDemand - The Roadmap for Recruitment Success

inDemand is being developed to become the central hub of your recruitment and retention processes.

It is designed to put you in control of the recruitment processes without the rigidity of a fully integrated ATS system. inDemand will enable you to select the best and most appropriate methods of recruitment for each role, to ensure the best possible matches to your requirements and help you understand your candidates to a much more detailed level.

Further enhancements will include speeding up the process of recruitment further by utilising the latest in Video and Audio technology. The benefits go further still. From helping new recruits get up to speed once they start, ensuring quicker ROI and more successful probation periods, and continuing through to integrated training gap analysis and eLearning solutions.

inDemand will help you recruit better, train better and increase staff retention.

Why Recruiters love inDemand

inDemand has clear benefits for recruiters and agencies, removing some of the many challenges faced by the industry every day and helping them build ever more successful relationships.

Manage your people from the very first meeting through to becoming
an integral part of your company