Video Recruitment

  a smarter way to hire

Shortlist quicker. Make better informed decisions.

Candidate Screening

Create questionnaires to Shortlist and
Screen candidates. Give candidates a chance
to shine with one-way interviews.

Video Mail

Increase responses from Candidates,
Recruiters and Employers with personalised engaging Video Content.

Live Video

Achieve your recruitment goals with
more time-efficient and effective
video interviews.

Video Screening and Video Shortlisting will improve your hiring results


Adding the latest in Video Screening, Video Shortlisting or Video Interviews in your hiring process helps employers, recruiters and candidates make better informed decisions, more quickly. Get to know the real person behind the resume.

inDemand for Employers


Shorten your screening and shortlisting cycle by up to 75%.
Get to see the very best of your applicants, see the real person behind the resume and focus your time on the applicants you really want to meet..

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inDemand for Recruiters


Show your clients the very best of your talent pool.
Help them discover your candidates real strengths, real personalities and add true value to your hiring processes..

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Hiring Professionals love Video.


Using Video helps manage schedules, helps speed the shortlisting process and helps managers see the real person behind the resume. Added to that the ability to save, review, objectively score and share with colleagues and you start to understand why this technology is becoming a must in a professionals hiring tool kit.

Today, more and more candidates love them too.

Why inDemand is great for candidates…

  • Convenience. Allowing the candidate to have initial interview at a time and a place that works for them
  • Financial. Candidates appreciate you’re saving them time, travel and expenses.
  • Simplicity. People use Video every day.
  • More opportunities.